Prisms and Perfect     


Girls' Math Camp

Entering Grades 3-6 

July 22-26,



Girls Entering Grades 3-6 


$200 per week, 15 hours,

      snack included

"Prisms and Perfect Squares"

For girls entering 3rd-6th grades. Math skills and topics covered in this program include:

  • multiplication and division facts

  • positive and negative integers

  • order of operations

  • measures of central tendency

  • graphing points on a coordinate plane

  • extending and articulating number sequences

  • geometric concepts - congruence, symmetry, reflections, translations

  • problem solving, logic problems, brain teasers

  • identifying missing numbers in expressions and equations

  • interpreting and creating double bar graphs

  • money - consumer skills, budgeting, tax, tipping

  • probability as chance

  • fractions, decimals and percents in applied settings

  • identifying properties of shapes

  • perimeter and area of plane figures

  • squares and square roots