Count Me In Math Camps

                                                   A math camp just for girls. *

Count Me In is a math camp program designed just for girls. Outside the traditional classroom, our unique approach sets girls up for success in math by starting young ... and making it fun. At Count Me In we're passionate about providing a place for girls to take center stage.

We know that you want your daughter feeling confident about math and we recognize the unique way that girls play and learn. Start them young and make it fun.   


                                                          How does it work?

Count Me In camps are week-long, half-day programs that are run by teachers and schools within their own communities.               


                                                  What will my daughter do at camp?

She will play, dance, create and compete. 
She'll think it's all fun and games. You'll know better. 
Count Me In curriculum aligns with Common Core and NCTM standards, but with a summer-camp twist that girls love! 

* any child identifying as a girl

Kimberly Zerbey

Kimberly is a Colorado licensed teacher with twenty years of experience in the elementary school classroom. She holds a Master's Degree In Educational Psychology and is a National Board Certified Teacher.